Bahar Laser rangefinder applications

Laser rangefinder technology offers many practical benefits that has made it a promising technology for integrating into different optical instruments.

Flexible design:
Bahar laser rangefinder lasers widely vary in design, weight, wavelength, and distance characteristics. The extremely lightweight and small modules are ideal for integration into handheld devices, while the powerful solid-state laser modules can be used in your stationary and mobile systems. The systems cover long measuring ranges of several kilometers.  Laser rangefinders could operate with different wavelengths according to each application’s specific requirements. The eye-safe lasers are in compliance with laser class 1 or 2 are commonly used for general industrial purpose.  However other lasers like military lasers could be used for longer ranges and could not be detected by conventional night vision devices equipped with image intensifiers.

Standard Interfaces:
Analog and digital data output, and customizable data transfer outputs.

Fast and Precise:
Bahar laser has helped our customers and partners to assess situations immediately and respond to threats quickly and in the appropriate manner.

Reliable in Action:
The systems could deliver distance data even under poor visibility or in extreme weather conditions.