Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Bahar Laser co. Ltd. is an international Laser rangefinder supplier under original equipment manufacturer (OEM) frame work. The company offers end-products, assembly parts and professional equipment of Laser rangefinders that may be directly used or branded by another manufacturer. The laser parts could be then assembled or installed in a new construction for more complex systems.

The main advantage of OEM parts and modules include the ability to reduce production costs, securing the highest quality in laser rangefinding manufacturing, access to custom-made LRF modules and etc. OEM providers like Bahar laser rangefinder allow the larger manufacturing companies to obtain their needed parts and assembly sections to develop their brand new products without huge principal investments to operating a laser rangefinder module factory.

Bahar Laser rangefinder is proud of offering reliable Laser rangefinder OEM services to many international manufactures.

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

Bahar laser rangefinder company, in addition to its reliable OEM role in the laser rangefinder market, offers original design manufacturer (ODM) service. The company has extended its technical capacity and reliability under international standards to design and manufacture custom laser rangefinder products. The final product then will be rebranded by another company or firm to support their marketing goals. The benefit of owning and licensing your products without having to engage in the development and running a professional production line has led to the expansion of this service worldwide.

Bahar laser rangefinder is now providing outsourcing or ODM services to various industrial sections and companies.