Bahar Laser

Bahar Laser Inc. has more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing laser, electro-optical, opto-mechanical and electronic equipment. The company has developed and improved various technologies for laser rangefinder systems including solid-state lasers and laser diodes. The systems are small and light-weighted while supporting various range performance at frequencies up to 20 Hz (solid state) and 15 KHz (laser diode).
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Medium range Laser Rangefinder 1064-ZG12 series
Short Range LRFs

Small and short range Laser rangefinder modules and systems that cover ranges less than 6 Km. The systems offer a wide range of capabilities and extra options that fit almost to any application.

Long range 14 km, 20 km, 30 km laser rangefinder -ZB series
Long Range LRFs

The modules and final products that support up to 40 Km and even higher ranges. The systems offer a wide range of capabilities and extra options that fit security, police, border and military lemongrass surveillance applications.

Eyesafe laser rangefinder
EyeSafe LRFs

The Q series laser rangefinder is a group of ultra-small eyesafe modules that could easily integrate into various electro-optical systems. The modules are less than 200 g with a miniaturized designed.

Laser Laser Altimeter-LDA 400- 1064nm
Laser Altimeter

LDA-400 is a laser diode altimeter with a sensitive APD receiver, low power consumption. The module design is adaptive to small and low weight flying objects, drones, lift systems and etc. w

 What Bahar Laser offers !

  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Professional consultancy
  • Absolutely customized design
  • In-time delivery
  • ODM support from draft to product
  • International Laser standards